Töörö Editor v1.1.0 released


I know it took a little bit more time than expected, but I finally released version 1.1.0 of the Töörö editor providing some major usability improvements.

Despite of some minor layout changes, the most important thing is probably that you now can fine-control any slider by holding SHIFT when dragging. I also put in the ability to use the mouse wheel to change the slider values as well as the option to reset them to default values by CTRL-click or right-click.

Another issue that always bugged me was the relatively high latency on the MIDI merge input that made playing the Töörö with an external keyboard a bit laggy. This should work much better now due to some internal changes.

For those of you that have attached the Töörö to a BomeBox, the editor will now find the device even with the slightly changed port name.

Of course, there's a full changelog available at my GitHub page.

I hope you enjoy the update!